Build A Box

Just like being in the store we created an online "Build A Box" feature. Here you can choose the size of the box as well as everything that goes in it. Each piece of delicious chocolate you choose will be hand picked and placed in your custom box at no extra cost. Select the chocolate coating you prefer for the candies you wish to include. For any piece you do not wish to include in your custom box leave the "None" preset selected and we will be sure to leave it out. Keep in mind each piece is different then the next so we will have to use a little bit of our own digression on how many of each piece will fit in the box to get to the desired weight. We have added the text input dialog for you to tell us any additional information. This box can be left empty, or for example, if you selected 5 different pieces of candy to be placed in a 1 pound box but you would like more of one candy then the other this is where to tell us. We hope you enjoy this feature after all it does beat the lines.